Article 8 – Prohibitions



8-1 GENERAL: It shall be unlawful for any person to cause or to attempt to cause, or to permit, solicit, aid or abet any other person to cause or attempt to cause, by act or omission, any of the following:

8-1-1 Failure to comply with Rules and Regulations. Failure or refusal to comply with any requirement imposed in these Rules and Regulations.

8-1-2 Unauthorized Connection. Make any connection to any District facility without all District Permits required therefor by these Rules and Regulations.

8-1-3 Unauthorized Use of Water. Use of water from the District facility other than through a Permitted Premises water meter or for any purpose on other than the Permitted Premises. Exceptions to this prohibition must be approved in writing by the District.

8-1-4 Unauthorized Entry. Opening of or entry into any District facility without District authorization.

8-1-5 Foreign Materials. The unauthorized entry of any materials or substances into any water facility, public or private.

8-1-6 Interconnections; Cross-connections. Any physical connection between the District System and any other water system, including private water systems, without the written approval of the District.

8-1-7 Right of Way/Easement Violations. Constructing, installing, or placing any structures or improvements of any kind, surface or subsurface, temporary or permanent, or planting any tree, woody plant or nursery stock of any kind within the boundaries of any District Right of Way or Easement in violation of the terms or conditions of such Right of Way or Easement, without express written authorization from the District. For the purposes of this provision, the term "structures" includes but is not necessarily limited to improved walkways, roads, curbs, gutters, sprinkling systems, other utility facilities including those for cable TV, fences, walls, pools, ponds, water features, athletic playing fields or courts, and any and all earthen improvements such as berms and grades providing lateral support to any building or other structure, whether or not such structure is itself within the boundaries of the Right of Way or Easement. Any above ground portion of the District system that is located on private property, e.g., meter and valve covers, must be kept accessible at all times. Additional soil can not be placed on, or around, these above ground elements. The property owner may landscape the area around the above ground elements if desired, but not in any manner that affects the accessibility (physical proximity) to the above ground element for meter reading or repair. If repairs are necessary, and landscaping must be altered by the District in its operations or repairs, the property owner is responsible for any restoration of the landscaping. (Italics indicate June, 2004 addition)

8-1-8 Interference. Any interference with employees or agents of the District in the performance of their duties.

8-1-9 Tampering. Bypassing, breaking, damaging, destroying, removing, uncover-ing, altering, defacing, or otherwise tampering with any portion of the District System.

8-1-10 False Official Statement; Report. The making or filing with the District of any statement, report or application which he knows or has reasonable cause to know is false or substantially inaccurate, or the omission of any material fact in connection with such statement, report or application when the omission leaves the remainder of the information given misleading or substantially inaccurate.

8-2 SEPARATE VIOLATIONS: For the purposes of this Article 8, a separate and distinct violation shall be deemed committed upon each day or portion thereof that any such violation shall occur or continue.

The following Colorado Revised Statues are potentially applicable. Any suspected violation may be reported to the applicable law enforcement agency and prosecuted in State Courts:

    §18-4-401 Theft

    §18-4-501 Criminal Mischief (Damages or destruction of property)

    §18-4-503 & 504 Trespass

    §18-5-505 & 506 Tampering (Interruption of Service; unauthorized connection)

    §18-8-102 Obstructing Government Operation

    §18-8-106 Refusing Inspection

    §18-8-111 False Reporting

    §18-8-113 Impersonating Public Servant

    §18-8-114 Abuse of Public Records