Article 3 – User requirements




3-1-1 Construction. Separate and independent Service Lines shall be designed, installed and constructed by the Property Owner at his sole cost and expense for every improvement requiring drinking water service. Such Service Lines located on the property shall be designed in accordance with the System Specifications and shall be installed and constructed in accordance with plans and designs approved by the District. The service connection at the District-owned meter must be made only by a qualified, licensed plumber or contractor as described in Section 1-12 of these Rules and Regulations.

3-1-2 Material. Service Lines shall be constructed of Type K Copper or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe conforming to ANSI/AWWA Standard C 901 (most recent edition), PE 3408 with a DR 9, pressure class 200. The pipe material shall be listed and approved for potable water in accordance with NSF Standard 61. Tubing dimensions shall be compatible with copper tubing, CTS, outside dimensions. The service line shall be continuous lengths from the meter pit to the interior of the building with no couplings along the pipe run. Permanent identification of the piping shall be provided by equally spaced blue color stripes into the pipe outside surface or by solid colored pipe shell.

Install 12-gauge single strand copper tracer wire to the service pipe with 2-inch wide PVC tape. Splice tracer wire in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation. Tracer wire shall run to meter box or test stations (CP Test Service, Glenn Series Glenn -4 with locking lid, 3 1/2” x 4”, or approved equal). Detector tape shall be installed by the Contractor once backfill has been placed and compacted to at least 12 inches above the top of the pipe and not more than 18 inches above the top of the pipe.

A sample exception request which was approved by the Board on June 16, 2001, is attached.

3-1-3 Ownership and Maintenance. The Property Owner shall own the Service Line and be responsible for maintaining, repairing and, as necessary, replacing the entire length of his Service Line on the Property Owner’s side of the water meter. Nothing in this section shall obligate the District to effect any repairs or curative work on Property Owner's Service Line.

3-1-4 District Relocation. When proper management, operation, or maintenance of the District System require, the District may, at District expense, relocate the Service Line through which a Property Owner receives water service. All relocated Service Lines shall become the property and responsibility of the Property Owner upon installation or relocation.

3-2 NOTIFICATION OF CHANGES IN USE: Property Owner shall notify the District at any time the use being made of his property materially changes his demands on the district water system.

3-3 RECONVEYANCE OF EASEMENTS: As a condition of continued service to any Permitted Premises, the owner of such premises shall, to the extent of his legal ability, upon written request by the District, re-convey at no cost to the District any and all easements or other property interests used or useful to serve such premises which were not properly conveyed by legal instrument or which may have been lost or extinguished by operation of law such as the result of the foreclosure of any senior lien of any description, or by the failure of any description, or by the failure of the District's title thereto for any other reason.