Article 2-Definitions



As used in these Rules and Regulations, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise the words defined below shall have the respective meanings set forth for them:

2-1 ACTUAL COSTS: All direct and indirect costs attributable to any project or undertaking. Actual costs to the District shall include its engineering, legal, labor, material, equipment, administrative, and overhead expenses, calculated in accordance with the rates set forth in Appendix 1 to Article 7 of these Rules and Regulations and all direct payments to third parties, at cost.

2-2 BOARD or BOARD OF DIRECTORS: The duly constituted Board of Directors of the District.

2-3 CONTRACTOR: Any person who performs any work, either for himself or another, on any water facilities, public or private, within the District, including all subcontractors, agents, employees, officers and other representatives of such person.

2-4 DISTRICT: East Boulder County Water District, Boulder County, Colorado, its employees, agents, officers, directors, insurers, and professional consultants.

2-5 DISTRICT SYSTEM: The plant, facilities, systems, assets, and appurtenant property rights owned or directly controlled by the District, excluding service lines..

2-6 LAFAYETTE: The City of Lafayette, Colorado, or its successor in interest.

2-7 EXTENSION: The act of extending or the construction of any District facilities of any kind whatsoever, wherever located, or the facilities themselves, which are intended to or have become a part of the District System upon acceptance by the District.

2-8 IMPROVEMENTS: Any structure, facility, improvement, or building using drinking water.

2-10 MAIN or WATER MAIN: Those pipes and appurtenant facilities used for carrying drinking water along public streets or easements or rights of way deeded or licensed to the District.

2-11 PERMITTED PREMISES: The land area and improvements thereto to which water service is limited under any particular Tap Permit.

2-12 PERSON: Associations, corporations, firms, partnerships and bodies politic and corporate, as well as individuals.

2-13 PROPERTY OWNER: Any person who, whether solely or with others, owns real property within the District. When property is owned by more than one person, the term includes all owners thereof. As used in these Rules and Regulations, the term shall apply to such person only in connection with his ownership of any specific parcel of real property involved in any specific matter governed by these Rules and Regulations. For purposes of clarity, the masculine singular pronoun is used in these Rules and Regulations to refer to Property Owner.

2-14 RECORD or AS-BUILT DRAWINGS: A separate set of construction plans marked to indicate completely and accurately the field-installed condition of facility construction in progress, as required by Section 3.11 of the System Specifications.

2-15 SERVICE LINES: Any water lines or portions thereof located on the property owner's side of the water meter, and intended or used to convey drinking water from the District System to Permitted Premises.

2-17 SINGLE FAMILY EQUIVALENT: The average flow of drinking water used by a single family residence consisting of a statistically average number of persons in a family unit in the Denver metropolitan area as determined by demographic studies or other commonly accepted data such as census information.

2-18 STUB IN: A tap made for the purpose of installing service lines prior to the paving of streets. Such connection shall include fittings necessary to extend the service line to the property line of the serviced property.

2-19 SWIMMING POOL: Any permanently-installed swimming pool of more than 1000 gallons in capacity.

2-20 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: The provisions of the Water System Specifications, as now or hereafter constituted, adopted by the Board of Directors, which prescribe the minimum technical standards and related requirements for the design, installation, construction, operation, use, maintenance, repair and replacement of all sewer facilities, public and private, within the District.

2-21 TAP or SERVICE CONNECTION: The physical connection to a District-owned water meter main which, together with the Tap Permit for same, effects water service to any Permitted Premises.

2-22 TAP PERMIT: The written authority to make a Tap for water service to Permitted Premises from the District System as provided herein.

2-23 USER: Any person who uses or causes the use of drinking water from the District System.

2-24 LAFAYETTE WATER UTILITY ORDINANCE: Article II Sections 120-36 through 120-94 of the Lafayette Municipal Code 1985 and its subsequent revisions.