Article 10 – Interconnection and Cross-Connection Controls



10-1 INTERCONNECTION CONTROL SEPARATE SYSTEMS: The water from the District System and water from unapproved sources shall be distributed through systems entirely independent of each other. Interconnection between such systems is prohibited.

10-1-1 Interconnection-Approved Systems: The District System and approved systems may be interconnected only under written agreement between the District and the owner of the approved system. The physical connection between the two systems shall be a swing connection, a removable spool, or other arrangement approved by the District and in conformity with District Engineering Standards.

10-1-2 Approved System -- Definition: With regard to interconnections between systems, the term "approved system" shall mean any potable water supply which has been investigated and approved by the District. Approved systems will be monitored regularly and approval may be withdrawn for good cause.

10-1-3 Cross-Connection Control: Any backflow into the District’s system is prohibited. All devices which have an effect on inter-connection and cross-connection control shall be approved by the District and done in accordance with District Engineering Standards.

10-1-4 Dual Supply Premises: A license for water service will not be issued to serve premises supplied with an auxiliary water supply, unless the owner of such premises enters into an agreement, binding upon the owner and any successors, not to make or permit any cross-connection between the water supplied from the District system and any other supply for or upon such premises.

10-1-5 Cross-Connections -- Definitions: Definitions for all terms pertaining to cross-connections and cross-connection procedures and devices are as found in the then-current Engineering Standards of the District.

10-1-6 Backflow Prevention Devices: No water service connection will be installed or maintained by the District unless the water supply is protected as required by the Engineering Standard. Water service to any premise will be discontinued if a backflow device that is required is not installed, tested and maintained, or if it is found that a backflow prevention device has been removed, bypassed, or if an unprotected cross-connection exists on the premises. Service will not be restored until all such conditions or defects are corrected.

10-1-7 Access for Inspections: The customer’s system will be open for inspection at all times to authorized representatives of the District to determine whether cross-connections or other structural or sanitary hazards exist. When such a connection becomes known, the District will give notice in writing to the customer to install an approved backflow prevention device(s) in conformance with this Engineering Standard. If, from any inspection, it is determined that a condition may create a danger to the health and well-being of a water customer, then, without further notice, the District will deny or immediately discontinue service to the premises by providing for a physical break in the service line until the customer has corrected the condition in conformance with District requirements.