Welcome to the web site of the East Boulder County Water District (District). It is the major source for all information concerning the District and its operation. 

The District was formed by election of the residents of  Apollo Estates, Benchmark Estates, Panorama Park and Paragon Estates on November 2, 1999. For a short background, please refer to A Brief History. The District has been assigned Public Water System ID #CO0107236. The election established the initial Service Area and which properties received water. This is the latest District Boundary Map.

News Alerts

July 1, 2019

Significant news or website changes are listed below:

  • The District has implemented a new billing system, effective with the June 2019 water bills. There will be changes to account numbers (six digits instead of three) and a new invoice structure. Additional information may be found in Billing.

  • The 2019 Consumer Confidence Report (Water Quality Report) is available.The report has been updated to include the City of Lafayette's Consumer Confidence Report.

Some sections are unfor Exder additional development and will be added as they are completed. The reader is encouraged  to bring to the attention of the District's web master any confusing information, discrepancies, or errors found, or suggest any information that should be added.


Major District Expansion and Improvementsay

Additional properties have since included within the District. On August 19, 2008, the Court approved the District's Service Area Expansion to contain five properties off of Majestic Drive. The initial delivery of water to these properties commenced on November 23, 2009.

Major infrastructure improvements have been made since the initial distribution system was established. These include:

  • A 100,000 gallon storage tank to provide for fire-fighting and other large demands for water entered service on June 9, 2005.

  • A large-capacity booster pump to meet the demands of fire-fighting and other large demands for water entered service on January 17, 2008.

  • An interconnect between the high-pressure distribution main and the low-pressure input feed line (after the Lafayette meter) entered service on March 22, 2011. The interconnect ensures access to the storage tank in case of large demands for water (e.g., firefighting) or in event of a temporary interruption of water supply from the City of Lafayette.

  • The District has migrated to a radio-based method for reading the meters.

  • On July 1, 2019, the District implemented a new billing system and made other supportive changes. The new system is vendor-supported by a leader within the industry, and, among other capabilities, provides for customers to pay their bill online.

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A Brief History

As the water levels dropped in its wells in the late 1990s, the Panorama Park (PPMWA) system board instituted a moratorium on the issuance of water taps for un-built lots, and set in place rate structures that discouraged excessive water consumption. The system operators provided detailed pump and usage data so that PPMWA was able to support these. However, the policy came into conflict with the interests of vacant lot owners who wished to develop or sell their properties.

A committee to explore forming a special district that would replace PPMWA with water supplied from outside was created. That group was joined by representatives from the Benchmark Estates and Apollo Estate systems as well as individual property owners in Paragon Estates.

The East Boulder County Water District was formed by election of the residents of Apollo Estates, Benchmark Estates, Panorama Park and Paragon Estates on November 2, 1999. The election established the initial Service Area and which properties received water. The existing Benchmark Estates and Apollo Estates community well and distribution system were integrated into the new East Boulder County Water District's distribution system.

The District has continued to evolve, and major events are identified in Major District Expansion and Improvements.

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Web Site Navigation

The navigation bar to the left provides quick access to information concerning the on-going operations of the District. It can act as a table-of-contents to assist in finding what information is available. There are eight major sections to the web site, and each is briefly summarized below:

  • Home provides an introduction to the District and an overview of the web site.

  • Meetings provides Information concerning the scheduling, location, and this year's agenda, minutes of past meetings and monthly financial reports.

  • Financial Information provides information on the annual budget process, a list of the District fees, a table of the District water rates, and financially-oriented government reports.

  • Doing Business with Us provides information on getting water from the District, change in property ownership, billing issues, reporting water-related problems, and dealing with construction activities on your property.

  • Governance provides the District's Colorado Senate Bill 09-087 Annual Notice, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and Intergovernmental Agreement.

  • Forms and Reports provides necessary forms that can be printed and completed for working with the District as well as all reports that the District must generate.

  • Archives provides previous year's documents (financial, minutes, reports), previous versions of governance documents, history of significant changes to the web site, and the past newslettersWater News.

  • Contact Us provides the details on how to contact the District's Board of Directors (including terms of office), system operators, business office,  and web master through mail, e-mail, and telephone.

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Note: Where differences exist between this electronic document and any official documents adopted by the District, the latter shall be considered accurate and controlling. Every effort will be made to correct such discrepancies when they are brought to the attention of the District—see Contact Us.

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