The District maintains archives of each year's information, identified changes to the Rules and Regulations, history of major website changes, historical District Newsletters and any special recognitions.

Collected Documents

Depending on the year, the Meeting Minutes, Financial Information, and Water Quality Reports are available.

Year Financial Minutes Reports
2018 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2017 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2016 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2015 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2014 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2013 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2012 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2011 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2010 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2009 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2008 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2007 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2006 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2005 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2004 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2003 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2002 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water Quality
2001 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes Water distribution starts
2000 Audit | Budget | Fees | Monthly | Rates Minutes No water distribution
1999 District formed - no financial reporting. Minutes No water distribution

Rules and Regulations

The District's Rules and Regulations are changed only through the regularly scheduled meetings of the Board. The minutes identify the revisions(s) and, when approved, this web site is updated. The current version of the Rules and Regulations may be found on the Governance page. The past versions are available here, identified by the date that the revisions are approved and a list of what revisions have been made.

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Date Summary of Changes
February 13, 2017 Amended 7-2-1, District System Charge, to provide for a new Infrastructure Equity Fee and a more organized description of the System Development Charges. Associated pages were updated as a result.
April 14, 2014 Amended 3-1-2 to allow the use of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, in addition to Type K copper, for service lines.
June 6, 2004 Amended 8-1-7 to clarify homeowner responsibility to keep meter area clear.
April 4, 2004 Removed Article 11 "Emergency Water Conservation Regulations"

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History of Web Site Changes

The table below identifies the significant changes that have been made to the web site. Adding monthly reoccurring documents will not be noted. Availability of annual reports (e.g., Budget, Long Range Plan, audit, water quality) or governances changes (e.g., the By-Laws or Rules and Regulations) will be noted.

Date Summary of Changes
July 7, 2017 The Board of Directors approved a series of changes to Rules and Regulations (Article 7), Doing Business with Us and the Fee Schedule to implement the Infrasgructure Equity Fee and improved descriptions of how the District works with its members.
March 8, 2010 The Board of Directors approved a Budget Billing process to ease the impact of higher water service bills often encountered during the summer watering season. The process may be found on the Doing Business with Us page.
January 11, 2010 Revised the Non-District Resident portion of the "Doing Business with Us" page, because it misstated that an owner must purchase a tap from the District for the Inclusion Petition to be approved. This was in conflict with the Rules and Regulations. The wording was changed to point out that there is a risk that a water tap might not be available at a date later than when the owner was "Included" within the District, and that this risk is totally the responsibility of the owner, and not the District.
December 4, 2008 Revised the Water Service Delivery Change Request form instructions, indicating that two (2) are the minimum number of months to temporarily shut-off water delivery on the Forms and Reports page. The Water Service Delivery Change fee was added to the District Fees section of the Financial Information page.
October 31, 2008 The new web site continues to be implemented. The Forms and Reports page was updated with the Water Tap Permit form, Cross-Connection Agreement, Water Service Delivery Change Request form added, along with detailed descriptions. The Financial Information page has been updated with all District fees specified by the Rules and Regulations. Clarified the Water Tap process.
June 19, 2008 Implementation of the new web site. The web site has been completely restructured for easy access to expanded information. Some sections are under additional development and will be added as they are completed. The reader is encouraged  to bring to the attention of the District's web master any confusing information, discrepancies, or errors found, or any information that should be added.

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In the first several years of the District's existence, the Directors created newsletters, called Water News, to inform residents of the District on what was happening. They would be periodically included with monthly bills. With the growth of the web site, it has been decided that the District would no longer distribute the Water News, and instead, would post all information on this web site. On the Home page, the News Alerts topic will indicate where the new information may be found (that would have been in a newsletter).

Year Issue
2005 September | October
2004 June
2003 May
2002 January | June
2001 January | April | July | October | November
2000 February | March | June | September | November

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From time to time, the Board of Directors may choose to acknowledge significant contributions to the District. These are consolidated here.

Frank Hauke and H.O. Winter Retirements–January 2013

Frank Hauke and H.O. (Dick) Winters

The Board of Directors for the East Boulder County Water District and the various contractors providing services to the District would like to express our appreciation to our District’s Operators, Frank Hauke and Dick Winters, on their retirement. We acknowledge their commitment and hard work as they have maintained our system and its predecessor, the Panorama Park (PPMWA) system, for decades. We will certainly miss their dedication, experience and camaraderie.

Frank and Dick have been key participants in the building of the East Boulder County Water District. Their knowledge of the existing Benchmark Estates and Apollo Estates community well and distribution system were critical to the integration of these systems into the new East Boulder County Water District. Frank was a regular participant in our District's formation committee meetings, providing a wealth of both technical and historical knowledge. Over the years, Dick’s and Frank’s ingenuity have been called on countless times—allowing the District to keep costs as low as possible. Frank and Dick brought a great partnership and complementary interests to the water business.

§ Dick loved tinkering, and was particularly proud of those system components that he’d built himself from scavenged or low-cost parts. Some of these were legendary, for example, the apparatus that flashed a bright light in the pump station window when the water pressure got too low. The homeowner across the street could see the flashing light and alert the operators of the trouble.

§  Frank was meticulous in record-keeping, with a passion for data and its analysis. He handled all of the billing for PPMWA, and he kept the historical records of the Association. He has been a key individual in the documentation of the various operating procedures required to allow the District to function.

In those days regulations were fewer and budgets were tighter. It’s impossible to say what the PPMWA members would have had to pay to outside service providers, over those many years, if not for the largely-voluntary efforts of Dick and Frank.

The vote to form EBCWD in 1999 must have been bittersweet for both Dick and Frank— on the one hand it offered a chance to participate in the building of a brand-new water system; on the other hand, the new water system would replace decades of their handiwork. The construction of the East Boulder County Water District system drew heavily on their generosity of time and expertise. They provided advice to the engineers and served as the District’s “boots on the ground” to observe the work of the contractor. After the system went into operation in September 2001, they were hired as the official system operators—they were able to continue their regular walks around the District, reading the meters and keeping an eye out for the inevitable problems.

The Board members, the various contractors for the District, and the District’s customers have counted on the detailed knowledge and operational experience that Frank and Dick possess. They have been patient and very helpful to and welcoming of new members that have joined the Board and as new contractors have been engaged by the Board. We are all grateful that they will continue to make themselves available as a knowledge resource as the District moves forward without their day-to-day involvement.

Again, the Board, customers and contractors have been indebted to Dick and Frank for years and wish them well in their retirement.

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