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The District utilizes several forms and generates several reports in order to conduct business and to notify customers and government agencies of District operations.


The District has developed several forms for conducting business. They are available for review and download below.

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Inclusion Request

If a particular property owner wants to obtain water from the District, they must petition to be included. The process is started by printing and completing an Inclusion Request and submitting it to the Board of Directors. The Board will then schedule an Inclusion Hearing as part of the next regular Board Meeting. At that time the Board will vote on the inclusion and notify the property owner of the decision. The document is available in PDF and MS-Word formats.

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Reimbursement Agreement

In the event that an extension to the District's distribution network is required to provide service to a particular property, the owner is required to fund such extension per the fees identified and actual costs. A Reimbursement Agreement is be required to provide a mechanism recover some of these costs in the event that one or more additional properties would benefit from the prior extension. The guiding principle is to proportionally distribute the costs associated with such extensions that may eventually serve more than one property.

Because of the complexity that likely exists for each extension, a standard Reimbursement Agreement is impossible to create. However, to allow a property owner some understanding of what is included in such an agreement, a "generic" Reimbursement Agreement is available for review.

For a specific extension of the distribution network, the property owner, District President, the District's legal counsel, water engineer, etc. will develop the specific Reimbursement Agreement which then goes before the District Board of Directors for approval.

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Water Tap Permit

In order to obtain a water tap and receive water from the District, the property owner must complete a Water Tap Permit and a Cross-Connect Agreement and submit them to the District's Business Office. Once the process is completed, the form will be signed and stamped with the District's seal as official notification that the property owner is connected to the District's water distribution system.

The Water Tap Permit form has four sections: "Requestor Information;" "District Office Use;" "District Engineering and Operations Use;" and, "District Final Approval." Guidelines for completing the form are below.

Requestor Information

This section of the form gathers all of the contact information for the requestor(s), who must be the property owners. The Property Address is the location within the District where water is to be supplied.

Tap Permit Required Documentation

This portion indicates when the property owner will install the Service Line from the meter to the house. Specify "Unknown" if you do not have a date. Otherwise, Specify the date that the service line will be connected to the meter. If the date is "Unknown," the "Service line installation…" may be left blank. When installation is scheduled, the contractor information must be provided.

A licensed contractor or plumber is required to install the service line between the meter and the house. Provide the information about the contractor. The District will verify the status of the contractor to ensure eligibility to perform the work.

A check must be enclosed covering the following three items:

  1. The District Tap Fee based on the size of the meter and service line: $2,000 for 5/8"  or $2,500 for 3/4".

  2. The City of Lafayette's Tap Fee (since the City may change the price at any time, please contact the District's Business Office for the current price).

  3. The District meter and pit installation deposit of $3,500. Depending on the actual costs of installation, a refund may be issued or additional charges are due before water is supplied. The District will provide an approximate cost breakdown and notify you if the installation is likely to exceed $3,500 by ten (10) percent.

There must be a declaration concerning the existence of a well and/or cistern on the property. The City of Lafayette and the District do not allow cross-connection or inter-connection between water delivery systems that include the District water tap. This is due to potential serious contamination of the District's and the City of Lafayette water distribution networks. The property owner must include a signed Cross Connection Agreement when submitting the Water Tap Permit, or  the process stops.

Property Owner Form Approval

All property owners must sign the Water Tap Permit form and send it to the District's Business Office, with payment and any other required forms.

District Office Use

Upon receipt of the Water Tap Permit, the District will verify the availability of the water tap from the City of Lafayette and its price. If the service line is scheduled for installation, the provided contractor information is verified. An Account Number is assigned that will be associated with the tap. Future payments must specify this Account Number to ensure accurate handling of the payment. The appropriate type of Service Fee will be determined based on the installation of a service line.

District Engineering and Operations Use

This section of the form is used to track the activities associated with the install of the water tap. There maybe the need to contact the property owners at various points in the process and depending on the cost to install the water tap for authorization to proceed.

Meter Pit Location Determination

The District will perform a best effort to locate the meter pit at a location specified by the property owner. If the requested location increases the cost of pit installation by over ten (10) percent of the installation deposit, authorization will be obtained from the property owner before the pit is installed, or a different location will be determined with the property owner. The District Operator will schedule the on-site meeting with the property owner.

Determination of Main for Connection

Engineering will determine what water main will be used and if an extension of an existing main will be required. The location on the main will be mainly determined from the property owners' meter pit location. A determination is made if the location on the main is subject to a Reimbursement Agreement. If it is, the District will determine who must be reimbursed and the prorated share of the previous main extension.

If an extension is required, the property owner will be notified. The District Operations and President, along with water engineering and property owner will be required to determine the best main extension and the associated costs. The District's counsel will provide any required documents.

Determination of Estimated Tap Installation Cost

If the installation of the meter and pit is expected to exceed $3,500 by ten (10) percent, the District will provide an estimate of the major elements of the cost for the installation. For example, having to make the tap connection on the other side of a paved street may increase the cost  If a main extension is required, the costs will significantly exceed the deposit.

Notification of Customer of Cost to Install Tap

The District will contact the property owner(s) and provide the approximate cost breakdown for the tap installation. Written confirmation of the estimated amount is required, along with any additional deposit based on the total cost of installation, before work can proceed.

Tap Installation

The date of the completion of the meter and pit (tap) installation is documented. If no Service Line is being installed at the same time as tap installation, the Non-Connected Service Charge begins.

If the Service Line between the meter and the house is being installed, the property owner must arrange for the licensed contractor or plumber for the installation and notify the District Operators of the date of installation so that the connection at the meter can be monitored. The date of this verification is documented..The meter is locked by the District until the of the all costs related to the installation have been paid and all required documentation received..

To complete the documentation of the District's water distribution system, the property owner is to provide an "as-built" drawing showing the accurate position of the service line between the meter and the house. Once received, the drawing is sent to the Water Engineering firm for inclusion in the master drawings for the District.

Water Availability

When the final invoice for the installation of the meter and pit, along with the verification fee for monitoring the Service Line attachment to the meter, has been paid, the meter will be unlocked, water will be available, and the Connected Service Charge will commence.

District Final Approval

The property owner is officially notified of the water tap installation with the return of this form with an authorized signature and the District's Seal. It is the District's official Water Tap Permit. A copy is filed with Boulder County Clerk and Recording Office.

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Water Delivery Service Change Request

This form is used to request the shut-off or turn-on of water service.. Only the property owner may submit the form to the Business Office for processing. The form has "Suspend Water Delivery" and "Resume Water Delivery" sections, allowing both dates to be specified at one time, e.g., going on an extended vacation. If a property is changing ownership, the selling property owner may request the suspension of water delivery, with the new owner using a separate form to request resumption of water delivery. There is a Water Delivery Service Change fee for this service that is identified in the District Fee's page.

Requestor Information

The name and contact information of the property owners is provided. Only property owners may request this service.

Suspend Water Delivery

Caution: Suspending water delivery will prevent any connected fire sprinkler system from working.

Because of the criticality of providing fire suppression through the use of a sprinkler system, the property owner must indicate if such a system is installed within any dwelling using water from the District. If so, they must acknowledge that the District has notified them that the system will not work if water delivery is suspended.

The property owner specifies the date that water delivery is to be suspended. The minimum period that water may be suspended is three (3) months, unless there is a change in property ownership.

District Use

The District will shut off the meter at any time on the requested day, note the time that this is done, read and lock the mete. The  Business Office is notified of the water suspension, and will change the billing status to Non-Connected Service Charge.

Resume Water Delivery

The property owner specifies the date to resume water delivery. It may occur anytime on the date specified.

The property owner may specify the resumption date on the same form used to suspend water delivery, if known. If unknown, then another form must be used to request the resumption of water delivery.

District Use

The District will turn on the meter at any time on the requested day, note the time that this is done, and read the meter. The Business Office is notified of the resumption of water, and will change the billing status to Connected Service Charge.

Property Owner Form Approval

The property owners must sign and date the form before submitting to the  Business Office.

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Cross-Connect Agreement

As a condition of receiving water from the City of Lafayette, the District requires each property owner receiving water to complete a Cross-Connect Agreement and submit it to the Business Office. This Agreement is filed with the Boulder County Clerk and Recording Office.

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During the course of District operations various reports are generated for consumer and government use. These reports are available below.

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Water Quality (Consumer Confidence Report)

On an annual basis, the District is required by law to provide customers with a Consumer Confidence Report (Water Quality Report) that provides information about the supplied drinking water. The District's report is filed with the State of Colorado, including the City of Lafayette's Consumer Confidence Report. Refer to the most recent Consumer Confidence Report detailing the quality of the water distributed to the District's customers. The report is also available from the President.

Since the source of the water is the City of Lafayette, our report is minimal. The District performs required periodic testing for Microbiological Contaminants and reports the results to the State of Colorado. The most recent Lafayette Consumer Confidence Report is appended to the District's report for a detailed look at the water quality provided.

If you are the property owner, but are not the primary water user for the service location, please inform those water users of the availability of this year's Consumer Confidence Report availability on the website.

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