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The elected Board of Directors holds scheduled monthly meetings on the second Monday of each month, and may call special meetings from time to time. The public is welcome to attend any meeting.


Each regular meeting notice is posted 24 hours in advance at 7493 Spring Drive, Boulder, Colorado 80303.

Any special meeting notice is posted 72 hours in advance at the following locations:

  • 7493 Spring Drive, Boulder, Colorado (door)
  • 370 Paragon, Boulder, Colorado (mailbox post)
  • 7557 Empire Dr, Boulder, Colorado (mailbox post)

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The meetings, unless otherwise stated in the meeting notice, take place at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, 7520 South Boulder Road, Boulder, Colorado 80303-4640 (the entrance of the church is from Barcelona Drive) in the library (on the east side of the building).

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The agenda for each meeting is posted at 7493 Spring Drive, Boulder, Colorado 24 hours in advance of the meeting.

Agenda for the December 14, 2015 Regular Meeting

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The minutes for each meeting held during the current calendar year are available through the following links. The minutes are not official until approved by the Board at the next meeting. Minutes for the previous years are available on the Archives page.

The financial status of the District for the preceding month is presented to the Board by the bookkeeper. Discussion is held to determine if any corrective actions are required. See Monthly Financial Reports for the status of the District finances.

The minutes for 2015 are below:

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