East Boulder County Water District

Board of Directors Meeting

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church


December 11, 2006


The meeting was called to order by Mark Johns at 4:05 PM.  Those in attendance were board members (Nick Bennett, Rick Moeller and Bob Champ) and Water System Operator Frank Hauke.  Mary Wagner (Bookkeeper) was also present.  No members of the public were present.  Mike Deck (boardmember) was absent (excused).


Secretary’s Report:

The minutes of the 13 November 2006 meeting were discussed.  Rick Moeller made the motion that we approve the minutes of the 13 November 2006 meeting.  Nick Bennett seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

Finance Report:

Mary Wagner had e-mailed the financial packet to the board (Balance Sheet, P&L ytd comparisons, P&L budget vs. actual and the transaction report).  Also e-mailed were the usage comparisons.  New engineering bills were received for the Ponderosa extension so that invoices will have to be submitted to Mrs. Crawford and Mr. Wagner.  Bond Payment was made this month ($70K).   Payment for Workman’s Comp for next year was also made.  We remain ahead of revenue on water used by the district for the year (+ 14%).


Frank had e-mailed the status report to the board prior to the meeting.











It was decided to keep replacing the meter cover at 7815 Spring Drive when it is broken.

It was also decided to replace the chlorine tester.


Unfinished Business

Water Rates

Nick Bennett had prepared a detailed plan which described two rate scenarios which would replace our current rate and increase revenue.  Nick discussed the plans in detail.  Lafayette has not increased rates this year and our water revenue has exceeded budget this year.  It is to be noted that in an exceedingly wet year we could be exposed on attaining our water revenue.  It is acknowledged that we can adjust water rates at any given time.  We also were unsure as to the cost of Lafayette water for the upcoming year because they went to a different tier structure.  Nick was going to review this and report next meeting. 

Bob Champ made the motion that we do not change the water rate structure at this time.  Nick Bennett seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.   

Pump house Repairs

The door has been stained and will be installed. 

Booster Pump

Mark has talked to Terry Kenyon about the electrical power to the pump.  A transformer change may be all that is needed to supply electrical power appropriate to operate the pump.  They have come up with an appropriate pump that should work and can be installed in the allotted space. 

Frank had marked up some as-built prints of the district and given them back to Terry.  Mark will ascertain the status of the prints.    

New Business

Hoag Meter  

Mark will confirm the meter size and location and then contact Frank so that he can schedule Mike’s backhoe to install the meter.

Reporting Forms

Mark had a form which needed the district map updated and sent in to the county.  The inclusions on Ponderosa were updated and Mark will send in the forms.

Director’s Comments and other matters to come before the board 

Mark will fax the resolution to set mill levies to the county assessor and send the budget to the Division of Local Governments.


A motion was made to adjourn by Bob Champ, seconded by Nick Bennett and unanimously approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.

The above is respectfully submitted by the secretary…Bob Champ, December 12, 2006.