East Boulder County Water District

Board of Directors Meeting

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church


September 11, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Mike Deck at 4:05 PM.  Those in attendance were board members (Nick Bennett, Rick Moeller, Mark Johns and Bob Champ) and Water System Operator Dick Winters.  Mary Wagner (Bookkeeper) was also present.  No members of the public were present.  

Secretary’s Report:

The minutes of the 14 August 2006 meeting were discussed.  Mark Johns made the motion that we approve the minutes of the 14 August 2006 meeting.  Nick Bennett seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

Finance Report:

Mary Wagner had e-mailed the financial packet to the board (Balance Sheet, P&L ytd comparison, P&L budget vs. actual and the transaction report).  Also e-mailed were the usage comparisons.  The revegetation escrow has been received and deposited ($1242).  The Lafayette water bill has not been received for August.  Water usage in August was 2.5 million gallons.  Mr. Goodacre’s property has been sold and the water bill will be paid upon closing. 


The fire on Longs Peak Ct. was discussed as the fire department used EBCWD water to extinguish the fire.  At this point we have no knowledge as to how much water was used.  We will try and assess this as data is acquired but the board has previously discussed this sort of situation (fire in a residence outside the district).  We will probably discuss further after the water usage is determined (if possible).


A leaky yoke was repaired for about $75.  Because yokes are susceptible to leakage upon connections it should be noted that our operators should observe any connections made to meters by customers.  A metal tag attached to the meter stating that any work on the meter should be done only after consulting with EBCWD was also discussed.


The operators spent 1.5 hours monitoring the system and 8 hours maintaining the system (2 hours on the Wagner extension).


The meters were read on the 31st of August.


The hydrant was flushed at 241 Ponderosa.


The high user for the month was Mr. Wagner with a usage of 230K gallons.


Valves # 6, 8and 9 were exercised.


The actual length of the trenching for the extension was about 820 feet while the length of the pipe extension was about 700 feet.


Frank is on vacation until 9/14/06 and Dick will be gone from 9/21/06 until 9/25/06.




Unfinished Business

Wagner Extension

Work remaining on the extension is smoothing and reseeding the disturbed area.  It was decided to retain $2000 until there is evidence that the reseeding is successful.

The reimbursement agreement was discussed and Mike will finalize.  At this point, it appears the factor will be one-fifth of the cost ($73K).  It was also noted that the agreement runs with the person and not the property.

Mike will get a cross connect agreement to both Mr. Wagner and Mrs. Crawford. 

  Water Source Protection and High Capacity Pump

We will ask Terry to review this as part of the High Capacity Pump Proposal.  The proposal has been received and the cost of the study is $7000.  The electrical engineering portion of the study is $3880 and it would be desirable for us to use Xcel power.  We decided to accept this proposal.

Record Storage

Mary has finished consolidating her records with Bob Farmer’s. 

Pump house Repairs

A new door will be installed and Frank and Dick will help Mark put the door in place.

Crawford Inclusion

Inadvertently, a ¾ inch meter was installed in place of a 5/8 inch meter.  It was ultimately decided because of the increased cost of the larger meter and the minimal benefit associated with it, that we should replace the ¾ inch meter with a 5/8 inch meter.

Lot #4 revegetation and weed management

Lot #4 revegetation and weed management has been completed.  Depending on the timeline for building we may have to periodically destroy thistle growth.

CCR response

Mike will handle the response.

Lead, Copper and disinfection byproducts

Testing by Evergreen Analytical for disinfection by-products has been completed and there are no anomalies to report.  We also have determined that we need to do the lead and copper testing for this year.  Frank and Dick will obtain the bottles and Mike will notify the customers involved in the test.

Lot 4 revaluation issue

The owners were asked to attend the board meeting to discuss this issue (tax being levied on the out lots).  It was decided that without their coming to the board meeting and presenting the facts of the assessments that the board can do nothing with respect to this matter. 

New Business

Appointment of Budget Officer

Mark Johns made the motion that we appoint Mary Wagner as the budget officer for the 2007 budget year.  Nick Bennett seconded the motion, which passed unanimously. 

Board Officers Election

Because of increasing business pressures Mike Deck has decided to step down as President of the board.  Mark Johns has agreed to take over this responsibility.  Nick Bennett made the motion that Mark Johns assume the office of President of the Board of the East Boulder County Water District.  Rick Moeller seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.


A motion was made to adjourn by Nick Bennett, seconded by Bob Champ and unanimously approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:34 PM.

The above is respectfully submitted by the secretary…Bob Champ, September 12, 2006.