East Boulder County Water District

Board of Directors Meeting

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church


August 14, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Mike Deck at 4:03 PM.  Those in attendance were board members (Nick Bennett, Rick Moeller and Bob Champ) and Water System Operators (Frank Hauke and Dick Winters).  Mary Wagner (Bookkeeper) was also present.  Mark Johns (Board member) arrived later in the meeting.  Bill Goodacre, a member of the public was also present during the initial portion of the meeting.  

Secretary’s Report:

The minutes of the 10 July 2006 meeting were discussed.  Nick Bennett made the motion that we approve the minutes of the 10 July 2006 meeting.  Rick Moeller seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

Public Comments

Mr. Goodacre explained that the purpose of his visit was to see if he could obtain some alleviation to the water bill at 7529 Skyway Court.  He was representing the bank that foreclosed on the property and as the real estate agent involved he had reclaimed the grass on the property with large amounts of water.  The bill for June and July was $3116 (363K gallons).  After discussing the matter, the board decided that there was nothing that could be done to lessen the bill as there were no extenuating circumstances involved (e.g. Inadvertent leaks, etc.).      

Finance Report:

Mary Wagner had e-mailed the financial packet to the board (Balance Sheet, P&L ytd comparison, P&L budget vs. actual and the transaction report).  Also e-mailed were the usage comparisons.  Mike has received the escrow check from the county for the revegetation of lot #4 and gave it to Mary for deposit.  Mary noted that she had written a check for about $66,000 to Concrete Works of Colorado as partial payment for the Ponderosa extension.  Water usage for July was 2.2M gallons, down from 2.8M gallons in June.  Mary also noted that a new homeowner list was e-mailed to the board.


Frank e-mailed the following report to the board and presented it at the meeting.





  • We put in 7.5 hrs monitoring and 12.5 hrs maintaining the system from July 4, 2006 thru August 7, 2006. Seven of the 12.5 maintaining hours were done on the new pipeline.


  • Read water meters on 7-31-2006.


  • We took two E-Coli samples this period. On 7/10/06 we took a sample from hydrant at 7560 Panorama Drive, chlorine was 0.79 mg/l. On 8/3/06 we took a sample from hydrant at 7444 Panorama Drive, chlorine was 1.06 mg/l. Both samples pass.


  • Flush an outline fire hydrant at 11 Bench Mark. Chlorine measured 0.89mg/l.


  • Exercised buried valves numbers 4 & 5. Found valve 4 would not turn because valve entry was offset. Concrete Works was hired and completed work to correct problem.


  • We cleared out noxious weeds and trees on lot 4.


  • Dismantled sprinkler system on lot 4.


  • This period we experienced several incidences of both booster pumps cycling on at the same time over a period of an hour or so.


  • We have a new high water user. Customer #58 (Christoff) used 212,000 gallons in July.


  • There was a new water user in July. I assigned customer number 122 to 16 Ponderosa Drive.


  • The new pipeline is completed. Chip sealing and grading is done. Fire hydrant is up to spec. The only outstanding item from our standpoint is an as-installed-print.



Frank had e-mailed the board a memo regarding the waterline extension on Ponderosa Drive stating that the work was acceptable.  Frank also noted that we should receive a red line print from the contractor.


Unfinished Business

Wagner Extension

The extension is now complete except for revegetation of the disturbed area.  The billing will have to be figured out as it involves reimbursement agreements.  Mike will look into the billing details to arrive at the amounts due Mr. Haddock (reimbursement agreement) and the district.  The district also had a change order in the contract correcting the valve #4 problem noted above. 

Water Source Protection 


Record Storage

Mary has condensed a large box of redundant records.  Mary also noted that she found cross connect agreements, which should be given to Mrs. Crawford and Mr. Wagner to assure that they do not cross connect the wells to the district system. 

Pumphouse Repairs


Crawford Inclusion

The inclusion has been finalized.  The final cost for her portion will be figured out and billed accordingly.

Lot #4 revegetation and weed management

We plan to landscape around the pump house to make it more presentable.  The owners of lot #4 have requested a site plan review so the remaining vegetation and weed management is now a moot point.

CCR response

Mike noted that the CCR did not meet all the state’s criteria and needs to be redone.  Mike will handle the redistribution.

Lead, Copper and disinfection byproducts

Rick collected a sample and submitted it to Evergreen Analytical for testing for disinfection by-products.  We also have to determine if we need to do the lead and copper testing for this year (due in August).


High Capacity Pump

Mike had a letter from Terry Kenyon (McLaughlin Rincon) for an engineering study on a high capacity pump for the district.  The cost of the study, including the electrical engineering portion is on the order of $7000.  The pump would be located in the pump house.   Cost of the pump, construction, etc. would be extra.  It is believed that the cost would be less than the $60K required for a mandatory request for bids.  Nick Bennett made the motion that we authorize McLaughlin Rincon to proceed with their proposal of August 10, 2006 for a study on the installation of a High Capacity Pump for the district.  Rick Moeller seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

New Business

Lot 4 revaluation issue

The outlots on Lot #4 are being taxed by the county.  The owners of lot #4 are asking if we can do anything with respect to this matter.  It was decided by the board that indeed the outlots do have value and the small amount of tax (about $50 per year) is warranted and should be paid by the lot owner. 

Water bills issue

Mary noted that only one residence was more that 90 days past due and the bill was about $500.  Because this is a rental property, the owner will be notified.

Also, Mary e-mailed the Guthrie’s a note verifying that the tap permit was paid and included in the initial construction of the district .  This was apparently needed for a sale of the house.

Director’s Comments and other matters to come before the Board

Mary had a letter form the auditor for this year.  It was thought that we had already engaged the auditor for this year.  We will verify this and act accordingly.

Mike noted that because of increasing business pressures he would like to step down from the office of president.  This will be considered at the next meeting.

Frank and Dick submitted proof of citizenship and the I-9 forms were completed and put in the file.


A motion was made to adjourn by Nick Bennett, seconded by Rick Moeller and unanimously approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:40 PM.

The above is respectfully submitted by the secretary…Bob Champ, August 15, 2006.