East Boulder County Water District

Board of Directors Meeting

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church


June 12, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Mike Deck at 4:04 PM.  Those in attendance were board members (Mark Johns, Nick Bennett, Rick Moeller and Bob Champ) and Water System Operators (Frank Hauke and Dick Winters).  Mary Wagner (Bookkeeper) was also present.  No members of the public were present.

Secretary’s Report:

The minutes of the 8 May 2006 meeting were discussed.  Mark Johns made the motion that we approve the minutes of the 8 May 2006 meeting.  Nick Bennett seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

The minutes of the 5 June 2006 Special Meeting were discussed.  Mark Johns made the motion that we approve the minutes of the 5 June 2006 meeting.  Nick Bennett seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.


Finance Report:

The financial packet was e-mailed to the board (Balance Sheet, P&L ytd comparison, P&L budget vs. actual and the transaction report).  Also e-mailed were the usage comparisons.  Legal fees in the amount of $128 were for consultation on the outlots and whether they were of taxable value.  Mike wrote a letter to the county asserting our belief that they are of no taxable value and therefore the owners should not have to pay tax on them.  Interest on the bonds was paid ($58,888.75).  Water revenue for May was about $14.5K and the bill from Lafayette has not yet been received. 


Frank e-mailed the following report to the board and presented it at the meeting.





  • We put in 4.0 hrs monitoring and 10.5 hrs maintaining the system from May 5, 2006 thru June 5, 2006.


  • Read water meters on 5-31-2006.


  • Took water sample for E-Coli lab test at 738 Skyway Court hydrant. Had to locate and uncover the buried hydrant valve. Chlorine measured 1.02 mg/l. Sample passed.


  • Flush an outline fire hydrant at 510 Paragon Drive.


  • Checked timing of switching system power to generator and back to Xcel.


  • Flushed sight gage and pressure probe on the pressure tank. Adjusted valves on this tank to limit cycling of the air compressor.


  • Sorted the records for item we use at the pump house.


  • Pumped water from the Lafayette meter pit. We think the water is coming from ground water.


  • Turned sprinklers on 1.5 hours for each of three days this period.


  • Amount of water spit out when generator starts has become less. There is no drain in this exhaust system.


Frank noted that on 6 June 2006 both pumps came on 4 times during the morning hours.  This has not happened since. 


Unfinished Business

Wagner Extension

The paperwork (insurance, bonds, etc.) for the extension is done and a notice to proceed will be given.  Work should begin within ten days from tomorrow.  Terry should contact Frank and Dick regarding their involvement in the construction of the line.  The job should be done within 30 days. 

Water Source Protection


Record Storage

Frank has completed his review of the records and will give the box to Mary so she can filter out redundant items.

Pump station Repairs:

Mark may be able to repair the door this month.

Crawford Inclusion

Mike has received the necessary documents and the $500 inclusion fee from Mrs. Crawford.  The inclusion was discussed by the board regarding if there was any reason why it would not be in the best interests of the district to include this property.  It was decided that it would be in the best interests of the district to include this property.  Nick Bennett made the motion that we schedule the inclusion hearing for our next scheduled monthly meeting (10 July 2006).  The motion was seconded by Mark Johns and passed unanimously.  Dick Lyons will handle the necessities of the inclusion process.

Nick Bennett made the motion that we increase the contract amount to include installation of the Crawford meter.  Mark Johns brought up the point that this may already be included in the contract with Colorado Concrete.  It was thereby decided to amend the motion to increase the contract amount for the extra meter and installation if it was not originally included in the contract.  Mark Johns seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.  Staking of the meter will be accomplished be Mark and Terry.  Mike will try to contact Mrs. Crawford regarding proper location. 

New Business

Water in crawl space at 12 Benchmark Drive

Clean water has been noticed by the owner at this residence.  Frank and Dick will check to see if the meter is running. 

Release of Escrow by County  

Mark has been unsuccessful in getting the county to release the escrow on the landscaping of the pump house lot.  Rick will go to the county to try and expedite this process.

Director’s Comments and other matters to come before the Board

There was no further information on the fire pump from Terry.

The status of the updated prints was discussed.  Mark will follow this up with Terry to see if they are completed.


A motion was made to adjourn by Mark Johns, seconded by Nick Bennett and unanimously approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:37 PM.

The above is respectfully submitted by the secretary…Bob Champ, June 13, 2006.