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East Boulder County Water District

East Boulder County Water District

Board of Directors Meeting

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church


April 10, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Rick Moeller at 4:03 PM.  Those in attendance were board members (Mark Johns, Nick Bennett and Bob Champ) and Water System Operators (Frank Hauke and Dick Winters).  Mary Wagner (Bookkeeper) was also present.  Marjorie Crawford, 281 Ponderosa Drive, was present during the public comments portion of the meeting.  Dan Schommer (auditor) was present to give the auditor’s report.  Mike Deck was absent (excused).

Public Comments

Marjorie Crawford expressed interest in including in the district and purchasing a tap off the Wagner Extension.  Mike had issued an e-mail to this effect and he will send her the necessary materials and forms when he gets back in the office.  He should also summarize the costs involved.   Rick noted that the house behind him may be interested in obtaining water from the extension and he will contact them regarding this matter.

Auditor’s Report

Rick Moeller signed a representation letter for Dan and then Dan gave the Auditor’s Report for the years ended December 31, 2005 and 2004.  Dan handed out copies of the report to the board members and then went through the report page by page.  In their opinion, the basic financial statements referred to present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the East Boulder County Water District at December 31, 2005 and 2004 and its changes in financial position and cash flows for the years then ended in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the USA.

Mark Johns made the motion that we approve the audit report.  Nick Bennett seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Nick Bennett made the motion that we engage Watkins and Schommer, Inc. as our auditors for 2006.  Mark Johns seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.  Rick Moeller signed the engagement letter.  The fee for next year’s audit is $2350.

Secretary’s Report:

The minutes of the 13 March 2006 meeting were discussed.  Nick Bennett made the motion that we approve the minutes of the13 March 2006 meeting.  Mark Johns seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

Finance Report:

Mary Wagner had e-mailed the financial packet to the board (Balance Sheet, P&L ytd comparison, P&L budget vs. actual and the transaction report).  Also e-mailed were the usage comparisons.   Mary did transfer $50K to Colotrust from the taxes collected.  A refund check was received from our insurance carrier for $105 which Mary will deposit.  Also the water bill from Lafayette has not yet been received.  Nick brought up that our utilities budget of $5k seemed high and it was mentioned that last year a few months had an electricity cost of $500 or so.  We will monitor this during the summer months.  Also, Mary noted that First National Bank charges exorbitantly for checking for two signatures.  We will not specify this condition in the future. 


Frank e-mailed the following report to the board and presented it at the meeting.





·          We put in 3.5 hrs monitoring and 3 hrs maintaining the system from March 6, 2006 thru April 3, 2006.


·          Read water meters on 4-1-2006.


·          Took water sample for E-Coli lab test at7740 Spring Drive. Chlorine measured 0.79 mg/l. Sample passed.


·          Flush an outline fire hydrant at 7225 Empire Drive.


·          Reconnected the sprinkler system and ran it for two days to revive the grass. It has worked, the grass is turning green.


·          We made a modification to the generator exhaust system.


·          Trees, bushes and grass growth around meter pits. What do we do about it?


Frank will obtain the addresses of problematic meters with respect to reading impediments and get them to Mary so that she can include a note in the bill telling owners to provide access to the meter for reading purposes.


Unfinished Business

Wagner Extension

The plans and specs are complete.  Sets will be sent to the County and to Lafayette for their review.  Mark will contact Terry to get the Districts set of plans.

Water Source Protection

Discussion was tabled to the next meeting.

Record Storage

Frank has received the records from Mark to go through and will then get them to Mary so that she can minimize financial duplication.

Pump station Repairs:

Discussion of this was tabled until the next meeting.

New Business

Policy on Water Bill adjustments

The policy was discussed in some detail and it was decided that our policy should be accessible to our customers.  Perhaps, a link on our web page would instruct users with this problem how to proceed with obtaining an adjustment. 

Nick Bennett made the motion that we add the following excerpt to the Rules and Regulations regarding bill adjustments.  Bob Champ seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

7-5-2 Bill Adjustment. A failure or malfunction of a water system component located at the service address can easily generate a very large water service charge. The District has established a process for a customer to request an adjustment to the water service charge.

1. A request for adjustment must be made in writing with supporting documentation such as description of event, repair bills paid, etc.
2. The District will use appropriate historical usage patterns to reach an estimated water usage (base amount) that likely would have occurred without the failure or malfunction. The customer will pay the East Boulder County Water District rate for that volume of water.
3. For water used beyond the base amount, the customer will pay at a rate incurred by the District for water purchased from the City of Lafayette during the month that the problem occurred, without any District mark-ups.
4. There will be no late fee levied against that portion of the adjusted bill for the additional amount, if paid within 30 days of invoicing, and the base amount has been paid by the original due date.

Mike will insert the above in our Rules and Regulations.  

Director’s Comments and other matters to come before the Board

Mark brought up the fire pump and asked about the status of this capital improvement.  Mark will contact Terry regarding the engineering and cost of this improvement.


A motion was made to adjourn by Nick Bennett, seconded by Mark Johns and unanimously approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 PM.

The above is respectfully submitted by the secretary…Bob Champ, April 11, 2006.